Owning carpets can be a big deal to the clean environment off your home, it can be a cause of concern for the health and safety for those who are living at your house if you don’t pay good attention to it. There researches that show how a dirty carpet can contribute to dust mites, parasites, and other factors that can cause major diseases and injuries to the human species. It is best that you know what to avoid when it comes to carpets, how to properly clean and maintain their cleanliness, as well as what to expect with a dirty carpet.   

People who are highly allergic and have Asthma can experience a lot of struggles when it comes to carpets, a lot of the dust that accumulates can trigger a dangerous asthma attack or allergic reaction. If you housemates or children are in the situation, it will best to try and avoid wall to wall carpets because they the room’s air could be filled with dust mites. Also, try avoiding damn spots in the house like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, rugs that come in contact with water can tend to leave a foul odor even after you have cleaned it multiple times. It will be best to choose areas that will unlikely have water be in contact with your carpets, this will allow you to clean your carpets frequently, and better yet, appreciate the cleaning you have done to your rugs.  

A wall to wall carpet installation are carpets that completely cover the surface of your floors, especially in your bedrooms or in areas of your home where people like to hang around. It will be best to have the majority of your floor made of a solid surface because it will be a lot easier to clean, and the amount of dust that will bundle up can be a lot less. In a wall to wall carpet setting, dust mites can be abundant, and also difficult to remove no matter how much you vacuum your rug. Dust mites are in love with tiny flakes of human skin that you do not notice sheds from your skin, and landing in your carpet will do nothing but invite these kinds of parasites.  

When selecting carpets, it can help if you also choose the type of flooring where you will lay over your rugs. There are less toxic matters that are smooth, less absorbent, and non-slip free. These are the best choice for hard floors that are made of wood or ceramic because it doesn’t need to be cleaned on a regular basis unlike the usual materials of floors. If you want to start out with a clean carpet, you can try to air out the carpet and beat it with a stick to remove as much dirt as possible.   

If you feel that you have done everything, and the dust mites seem to be out of control, then it will be best to request for carpet cleaning in Fairfield, Ct for a more effective outcome, which will have long lasting effects that will make your home cleaner.